A bit on the side

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Side of Things

A White-faced Heron on the hunt

The Black-necked Stork takes a stroll

A little Thornbill gets all fluffy after a bath

An Eastern Spinebill hovers to extract nectar from a Grevillea flower

A Pied Cormorant in Silhouette

41 thoughts on “A bit on the side

      1. My mom adored birds. I never did. I found them scary as a child. They would fly about and I thought I’d be attacked. I see them differently now. You’re photos of them always bring a smile. Thanks for posting. Have a great weekend …

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        1. It is a photo. It is converted to B&W. I then darken the black pixels around the edge. Then I whiten the pixels around the edge. Those pixels when viewed up close are grey.
          This gives a sharp image for the photo.

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        2. So not pen and paper at all. Interesing. I wanted to make a coloring book of some the historic pictures I have of Woodlake, Any ideas about how I might go about that?

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