Getting up close in the garden

Cee’s Mid-week madness Challenge May: Close up or Macro

I have been trying to get on top of my photos, naming, categorising and putting into folders. I never ending job which I let get out of control.

For this months CMMC, I have these photos from 23 March 2020 that I found while sorting today. Only one has been used before but I didn’t care as I really like it. Can you guess which one?

A blue native flower most likely Scurvy Weed

A pink Pentas from my garden

Caper White Butterfly also on a Pentas flower, this time a red variety

A cape Water Lily flower on my dam with a bonus insect either a fly or a bee

20 thoughts on “Getting up close in the garden

  1. I like the name scurvy weed, but anything with scurvy in it has a certain ring to it! I think I;ve seen the butterfly before, but it is a lovely photo.

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  2. One of those jobs you wish you’d done from the beginning, Brian. It just gets more out of control as time goes by. I think I’ve decided to let the past slip away. All lovely shots and most of these seem familiar to me so I can’t guess.

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    1. I was on top of things until 2018 I think and then…………All are new but so many are similar to past ones but the Caper White was posted in a previous post 🙂

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    1. Thank you. I had to when I wanted to find a photo and couldn’t find it even when I had a rough idea when I took it.


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