In one door, out the next….almost

John’s Cellpic Sunday

This is where I do an explanation of my phone photo from my Last on the Card post.

On Thursday afternoon I heard and saw a group of Kookaburras chasing each other around the garden. I suspect the parents were trying to send an offspring out of their patch to start life somewhere else.

Suddenly there was a loud banging and crashing in my house. I went to investigate and found a Kookaburra in the loungeroom next to the back door. There was a small hole in the screen door and I slowly slid the door across and the Kookaburra flew out. Once outside there was a loud cackling of all the Kookaburras in the trees.

Here is the back screen door and the beak shaped hole

I wondered about the hole as it was small and the wire was bent outwards. After a while I went to go out of the front door and this is what I found.

The wire on the screen is not soft nylon it is metal wire, not as hard as the rear screen door but hard enough. I was amazed that the Kookaburra wasn’t badly injured.

*Kookaburra in the featured image for reference only. Not the actual Kookaburra

33 thoughts on “In one door, out the next….almost

  1. Firstly, a Kookaburra?! As a girl, we sang songs around a campfire about a Kookaburra but I’ve never seen one. Secondly, that bird needs “L” plates!

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  2. May I look at the photo and then your words above and enjoy a rather big grin and not be shown the door . . . a big ‘win’ for the kooka methinks . . . bet there is rather a lot of loud laughter amongst the lot of them . . . 😉

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  3. We occasionally get a thump on the kitchen window – usually it’s a Pigeon that has been frightened out of the weed-bed by something. Occasionally it’s a Sparrow or a Tit chasing a fly. Fortunately, no injuries so far👍 I bet a Kookaburra beak can do a lot of damage – perhaps it hammered its way in and out? interesting story Brian 😎👍

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    1. I have a number of dents and marks on windows as well. I have only found a couple of dead birds – broken necks – so far, The Kookaburra barged it’s way in 🙂

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    1. Oh yes I was very careful and talked softly reassuring it as I slid open the screen door. I didn’t need a largish bird flapping around the house 🙂

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    1. I know. That’s why I included a photo of a Kookaburra in the header so you could see the size of their beaks. I was amazed that it just got up and flew away!!

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