Pick a Word – April 2022

Lost in Translation’s Thursday’s Special: Pick a Word April 2022

A bit of thinking to be done with Paula’s words this month. Here they are, let’s see what I can conjure up this month to match a photo with her words.






24 thoughts on “Pick a Word – April 2022

      1. Driving back to the Algarve in the rain right now. May be a damp weekend but we’ve had a superb fortnight. I have a t’ai chi flashmob tomorrow morning if it’s not too bad, then lunch with friends and a walk Sunday morning. A lot of washing and catching up 🤣☔💟

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        1. Sounds like a good one coming up. I have managed to get on top of my washing after having two lots of guests over Easter. Sheets, pillowcases and towels and too damp to dry in a day. Flash mob sounds good. I hope it gets filmed. 🤗💕


        1. Really? That’s why it’s good to do these challenges. I have made my Ragtag Daily Prompts less hard but I find it is good for people to think and discover new words 🙂

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