Behind bars

Ragtag Daily Prompt Wednesday: Security

The security of an iron gate

A pointy fence will keep them out

Yes I know, but it’s for your own good

Keeping the garden safe

The cage is security for you as well as us

Just make sure you shut the gate

21 thoughts on “Behind bars

      1. Hi busboy, glad to connect and wanted to also say a special thanks for your awesome comment on the led zeppelin post – you made the post just that much better!
        and even though I was on my blog break when the post published, I checked in (we were running errands most of the day) and so on the drive home – I read your six songs to the hubs (I know you added them rather quick like) and we played d a few on spotify – and so you were right there with us for a bit of the highway drive (my friend from the Australian bush)

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