Lost by someone, found by me

Debbie’s One Word Sunday: Found

One day walking around my property I found a stone axe. A while later I found the sharpening stone. I bet the First Nations man or woman who dropped these from their dilly bags must have been so upset.

When I picked the stone axe up, I was so surprised that it fitted so well into my hand.

You can see where the axe was used to chip off pieces of rock to make the axe and perhaps flints to start fires.

Here are the other sides. The roundness of the axe fitted so well into the palm of my hand.

Blur in the background

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Bokeh

A Crimson Rosella in the garden this morning. The blues and greens work well with the subject don’t you think?

Using the subject as well as bokeh

Not quite right, A bit too much blur

Bokeh even works well in black & white

or in colour for contrast

Just being arty-farty with bokeh. Using the blur effect with water drops. First in black and white…..

……then in colour