5 Minutes Ago – 9 April

Hammad’s Weekend Sky #61

An early morning sky of clouds. Yes it is still raining here. Not sure what day of continuous rainy days I am up to but it seems like months.

Like last week, too early for the sun to get to the tops of the trees

I am playing around with photo sizing after talking with Cee as my media file storage on WordPress is very high and I am going through and deleting photos to diminish the total gigabytes. I don’t think the quality of my photos has suffered but I may have to rethink my name font and size or perhaps not bother with the little photos. Any suggestions?

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  1. I generally reduce size from MB to kb sizing, except for my 3, varying headers. (I’m on a Mac & use their old Photos program to easily do that. Let’s zoom if you want more info.)

    Word of warning, though. Last week I saw suddenly my photo storage had gone from my usual 20% to thousands over the limit. It was some sort of glitch on their side. Won’t tell you what I did, but it wasn’t good and appeared to have little effect. Next day my storage was the usual 20%, so WP must have had some major problems in that area.

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      1. Landing late on this one!
        I was using Flickr Pro till last year, where I enjoyed unlimited uploads and full size options. It worked really amazing with WP.
        But then, I was unable to carry on with Pro account, so I’m now back to the free one with limited uploads. The sizing options are still intact but I’m not allowed to upload more. I checked for other options, one which could work with WP easily, but there aren’t many.
        Then I found Imgur. The only drawback is the Imgur’s frame on your picture, which may annoy you.
        My WP storage is still below 5% but I’m not using it heavily because I would fill it up in no time πŸ™‚

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