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The Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge: Recipe Cards

I had a look around and thought hard but my Mother and Grandmothers never had recipe cards. I remember a book that Mum had with handwritten recipes, perhaps one of my siblings has that now as I don’t.

I have lots of recipe books and two folders where I have recipes I have found, typed them up, printed and put into the folders.

This cupboard is in the kitchen with glass doors with the books I trend to use the most. Other recipe book are in book shelves or some are lovely to look at and are sort of coffee table books. Some of these are in the guests bedroom.

The red folder and the blue one beside it are the recipes I have found to try out. The Complete Asian Cookbook is one my best mate and I learnt to cook from when we lived in share houses. Note all of the paper markers of favourite recipes. Every home should have a Mrs Beeton’s Cookery and Household Management. How many young wives were gifted that in the early part of the twentieth century when first married?

How many of these cook books do you have?

I have a category on my blog – Recipes – where I have posted a few of my own recipes if you would like to have a look and try out.