31 thoughts on “Fox has found a compost spot

    1. Oh yes you damn English wanted your confounded fox hunts AND then to complicate matters you bought friggin’ rabbits for the foxes to eat. I won’t start on noxious garden plants

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      1. I know. I gather that you and New Zealand have both suffered because they ( I won’t say ‘we’) wanted their homes to be just like Good Olde England. I’ll have to do that Aplogising for the Sins of my Fathers thing.

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      2. I used to think when I saw your same title that it was one of those blogs that somehow just re-links to Debbie’s post and confuses me. Now I understand you’re a copycat!! And I’m ok with that. πŸ™‚

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      3. Sorry to confuse janet. I tend to copy Debbies Six Word Saturday words in a fashion and add my photo. I am naughty I know πŸ™‚


  1. A great “copy”, Brian. A clever fox finding some natural warmth.
    For all the problems they give us, I have to admire their ready adaptation to urban life. My dog doesn’t share that admiration, he just wants to catch them!

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    1. So glad you are understanding at my posts for Six Word Saturday, the posts just come to me as soon as I see yours.
      I wonder what Inka? do if he actually caught one? I think a vet bill would be on the cards myself


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