In Sydney on a rainy day

Debbie’s One Word Sunday: Fame

Two pieces of Australian fame in one photo

As an after thought. I have to add a bit more Australian fame that isn’t in the rain or in Sydney. This time a Kangaroo not a Wallaby

Mr Sleepy

44 thoughts on “In Sydney on a rainy day

      1. Better hurry up to Uluru Brian, it’s apparently one of the most expensive resorts in the world! I must admit I loved driving around the Red Centre, one of my favourite memories of Australia.

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      2. I’m not sure where you can stay, but I guess all options are pricey. We stayed in the budget Outback Pioneer Hotel for a couple of nights, but the campground is most likely the cheapest.

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      1. Wonderful day yesterday, thanks. Walking with some newly arrived friends and a lovely lunch, under clear blue skies. I’ll be up in the hills this morning, with a strong promise of rain, so we’ll see… Also trying to keep an eye on the tennis at Indian Wells. You know why! Sadly I don’t have the TV channel so it’s just scores and match highlights.

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