A tiny bite of March

Ragtag Daily Prompt Saturday: March

Around my place I have some March Flies with a rather large proboscis which they enjoy drilling into your flesh. Come along a journey of flies.

Getting ready to enjoy my flesh

These I call B52’s as they are big and slow moving but when they get you you really know it

A B52 just minding its own business hoping I wouldn’t notice it on my boot

Some just wander around until you are unsuspecting

Look at the stinger on this one. These are the silent one you don’t know are there until they stick that stinger in.

This is another strong and silent type

Don’t let the pretty green eyes fool you. Look at the size of that drill

32 thoughts on “A tiny bite of March

  1. Was it hard to get a photo while a fly was on you?
    Well this series of photos show the flies in many modes and yikes – can be quite annoying

    There was a time when my husband was kayaking and flies would attack him in a certain area – I think he used essential oils and it helped – but he said it was tough that trip with nothing

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