In the garden this week

Xingfumama’s Whatsoever is Lovely Challenge 2022 Week 9

This is my first contribution to this challenge. I haven’t had much loveliness in my life with the floods and rain over the past week. I have been able to get out into the garden and have found a bit of respite with my camera. Here is a bit of what I have found.

Some insects like a Dragonfly who seemed to follow me in the garden

A poor old Orchard Swallowtail Butterfly on a Pentas flower. She has seen better days. I used this angle so you couldn’t see how ratty her wings were at the rear

A Brown Ringlet Butterfly was resting on a leaf in the brief morning sun

The Wanderer Butterfly preferred the Bauhinia flowers

and not an insect but one of the smallest Honeyeater, a female Scarlet Honeyeater. This is the second mass flowering of the Bottlebrush tree bring so many birds into the garden.

37 thoughts on “In the garden this week

  1. Wow – respite in the garden and such delight coming through to us thru this post!
    And love the angle of the the Swallowtail !
    To hear about the work (ratty) wings reminds me that aging and wear and tear impacts all living things – and in a way it was gracious to show the highlights from that angke 😉

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      1. Oh I am sorry! Have you tried taking flora and enzymes? And a good b complex! Actually –
        I have another suggestion for you and will email you sometime this week

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        1. You are so right about a good night of sleep!
          And I am not referring to diet really – becauee I know you are a smart eater (if that makes sense) but I learned (that not so easy way) that supplements can be crucial as we age! I wasn’t a believer in supplements but now I am and I really think they can be life changing – the tricky part is finding what your body needs- and then having the right mix of things – like coq10 can be crucial for anyone over 50 – but it is not enough to help Fortify the body’s terrain!
          And b complex are vital – but also not enough alone becauee a good mineral blend can help.
          Not to be long winded – but just be thinking about supplements becauee BB – sometimes they are the missing ingredients for wellness (and I know this first hand)
          -also / anytime the blues creep in- consider D3 (omg do I continue to hear about folks who have added this and see almost immediate results)
          And getting back to the good night of sleep
          – if you get a chance – check out Jeff Iliff’s video about “another good reason to get a good night of sleep”
          Hugs to you my amigo!

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    1. It is easy to find peace in my garden except for the mosquitos and biting flies and biting ants and………..oh well it is bliss to me anyway 🙂


    1. Thanks Susan 🙂 I am not sure how much longer she will be around. One of the rear wings is almost gone, Small in our world but the largest butterfly around here 🙂

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  2. I was envyiing you your birds and butterflies until you added that bit about the mosquitoes, biting ants and biting flies. So can you please not do this again! Loved the pictures of course, especially the flutterbys.

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  3. Great photos, Brian. I actually like ragged butterfly wings, which I regard as a testament to the success of the butterfly, surviving all the perils it faces to live a successful if short life.

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  4. Beautiful garden and photos of it. Made me think of the poem “To see a world in a grain of sand, and heaven in a wild flower, to hold infinite in your hand and eternity in an hour.”

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  5. Beautiful garden and photos of it. Made me think of the poem “To see a world in a grain of sand, and heaven in a wild flower, to hold infinity in your hand and eternity in an hour.”

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