Photos that are…..well photos

The Lens-Artists Challenge #189: Odds and Ends

This a post of why did I take that photo? In Tina’s post one of the reasons she used was “just because” so that is the mantra for my post. I started out with a search for those weird photos that I have used before but that’s not really what is wanted. I changed my post and idea to Things Found on the Street which is in keeping with “just because” as well.

I know that everyone is interested in nail holes and nails so here you go but please try to contain yourself

A horrible end to an innocent shopping trolley in the shopping centre car park. A moments silence mat be appropriate

While in a sombre mood, this toy seemed to have met a terrible end at the hands of the mob with only the head remaining on the street, possibly as a warning to any other toy wanting to cross the mob

This is on the road to my place. An ancient tin can that has been embedded into the road surface for time immemorial. This is now an historical photo as the road has been resurfaced a few time since

Of course you would have to stay off the wet paint on the grass in the middle of a field. I am glad the sign was laminated so the paint could just wipe off. I did check my besties boots but they didn’t show signs of paint

33 thoughts on “Photos that are…..well photos

  1. A wonderful collection of oddities Brian, totally enhanced by your witty commentary! The shopping cart was a one-of-a-kind find my friend, as was the warning for all of the dolls thinking about revolt! Superb post, thanks so much for sharing your oddball images with us!

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    1. I have a number of shopping trolley marks as well from thoughtless people. This must have been a big 4WD to crush it like that


        1. yup, once morning I came out and they had tied 4 cars together. Fortunately I spotted the rope going underneath before I attempted to move it. Was not impressed scrambling under the car before 7am in the dark!!

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