37 thoughts on “Out of action

    1. It was horrendous up K’s way. Her daughter lost her house (rented) and her business but her equipment was OK as she was on the third floor so the water just covered the floor. K is safe but now has her daughter, partner and daughter living with her. x


      1. OMG. Glad they’re physically okay but what a nightmare for them all. Hope they can find alternative accommodation soon, but guess there’s going to a lot of other people also looking 😐

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      2. There is about 5,000 people displace, but it could actually be more like 10,000. Where are these people going to go? A lot of the houses are unsafe and will be condemned and probably not allowed to build there again. It is really like a war zone. Now the streets are filled with the flood damaged things as well as wrecked cars. So bad for Lismore. With all that happened here I think I had PTSD flashbacks to the fire and some days depression hit hard and no communication with anyone. Getting back on track now just. xx


      3. Oh Brian sending huge hugs to you, and the communities affected. Just so awful 😖

        Glad you are beginning to get back on track, but take it slow and look for the small positives such as croissants for brekkie.

        More hugs 🤗

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