This is February 2022

What a wet month so there’s not many photos to share this month. Almost 300mls of rain in the last week and everyone is preparing for flooding, except me as I am high in the foothills. The normally dry gullies have been roaring at time and all the dams are overflowing. The ground squelches as I walk about. Just now the rain is thundering on the corrugated iron roof.

Your February song to enjoy while having a peek at my February.

During February we went to Macleay Island in Morton Bay where my bestie has a cottage. We went there to do a few repairs and speak to tradies so not much time for photos. To get there with all the tools and gear we took the ferry

One morning I managed to see a sunrise and get a photo

Near the small cottage we rented the trees had some fabulous shapes

Another favourite tree on the block and in the streets are Scribbly Gums

Just behind the cottage in the garden, the Bush Stone-curlews like to rest during the day. They are never impressed when I turn up with my camera

Maybe a bit more later but now from my place a Willie Wagtail on a post

A Hoya plants flower in a hanging pot on the verandah attracted a Yellow-faced Honeyeater. The photo was taken through the office door hence the poor quality.

I think he really liked that branch

An Azure Kingfisher has been around my place for most of Summer

I wonder if they care about the water beetles in the old swimming pool

While I was out on the verandah this fly kept landing near me so I guess he wanted his photo taken

While out in the garden Blue-banded Bees buzzed about the red Pentas flowers

and Orchard Swallowtail Butterflies flitted from pink Pentas flower to flower

The morning sun on the Hoya flowers looked a treat

I went into town to try and find some Square Odds for a post (look for my last post) and found the yellow Frangipanni near where I used to work with their wondrous flowers

I am not sure what type of flower these are but I think they are a small Orchid. I have lots in my garden

Walking around Macleay Island on an abandoned building there was signs of an old garden. These Gladioli looked so lovely with their soft pink petals, a colour I have never seen before.

Well it’s time to get going so here is a pastel sunset with the four trees I highlighted earlier in a post this month

and back to where we started, a fiery sunset through the trees from Macleay Island

Thanks for having a look at me February. I hope you enjoyed the song. I always ask if you had a favourite photo so did you?

This is part of Ju-Lyns Touring My Backyard and my Changing Seasons.

I often forget to include this part of Changing Seasons

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55 thoughts on “This is February 2022

  1. Lovely, Brian! My favourite is the yellow-faced honeyeater feeding. On my phone the loss of quality through the office door isn’t that noticeable and I like the connection, the action, the sense of catching a moment. I love the others too and it’s interesting to see them and compare with UK flora and fauna. Frangipani (now I know what it looks like!). How beautiful. The island sounds like a wonderful place. Glad you won’t get flooded at home. My friends in Brisbane are on the clean up today!

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  2. You made a lot of photos in February, Brian! My favourites are the blue banded bee (delightfully banded!), the kingfisher and the gum tree. But the others are favourites too…

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  3. Dang…I always forget about this end-of-the-month blogging event. Great job, despite the rain. I hope the weather changes and less flooding happens. I’m going to share the link to this post with your comment on my blog. That’s a great song. As far as my favorite photo I’m going to have to go with the bird leaning on the branch, or the fly or the flowers, especially the peach-colored one, but then the scenes are so well composed, I like those too! Your comments on the photos made me smile.

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  4. I’m enjoying the music as I read comments and the rest of your lovely post, BB. I’m with Jo on my two favorites, the nosey bird – actually all the bird pictures are amazing. One is particularly talkative. Your first picture looks bright and sunny. Great way to start the month. 🙂 I’m off to do my post now.

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