Square Odds for February – Our numbers up

Becky Square Odds

Thanks Becky for an odd challenge

These are some numbers from around my nearest city Grafton. Hope you can work out the song sequence and maybe have a listen while you look at others Square posts or just blog away.

This is where I used to work

Just a letter box

A year date on a building with a few more to follow

One of the nicest pubs which has been shut down for quite a while and turned into a fruit pickers hostel

Petrol prices a while ago. They are much more now

A fancy mosaic house number

The building where I often get my coffee

Vertical house number

Quite fancy house number although does my OCD head in a bit

A card found on the footpath in the street

Songs by the numbers – pick your favourite and sing along.

One – the start of the Square Odds challenge

One for Becky

another for all of the readers

Sometimes I was blogging my squares at this time

I think I have been squaring for this long or so it seems?

When I couldn’t post and had to schedule

Sometimes we went on such a journey with our Squares

“I guess I’m gonna go
I just never know how you feel”

Sometimes this is how I felt trying to align songs with my photos

Thanks for your comments and thanks for those who listed to a tune or two. See you next Squares

22 thoughts on “Square Odds for February – Our numbers up

    1. loving the musical choices, currently playing Gwen. Looks like no6 though I won’t get to play as video unavailable 😦 but that’s okay I don’t want you to fall into 19 again!

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      1. I hope it wasn’t a music overload Becky. I wonder why some just don’t play. I am making sure they are the actual artists video releases too xx


  1. I wish to listen to them all as I tend to do and it seems all will be available to me except song number 6. Please, tell us which one it is so that I can find it in another way. I love the gallery too.

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