This is my special place

The Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #188: A Special Place

I have been contemplating for a while where that special place may be. There are many places that mean something to me but trying to put it down to one, I would have to say here. I, like Karina, am a home body. I enjoy my existence and the life that surround me.

The garden is a special place as is the water hole down the lower part of my property. I’ll start with a bit of the garden as over the past few months I have show many parts of my garden and the flowers and plants I have so this is a snapshot.

Now to the waterhole

To see a bit more, see this post from yesterday Into the woods if you did see it.

27 thoughts on “This is my special place

  1. I love your garden Brian. That seat looks like a perfect place to sit and relax. The watering hole is attracting lots of wonderful birds too. Thank you for sharing your special place.

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  2. Having seen so many images of your flowers and birds Brian, it was wonderful to get a better sense of the big picture. It looks amazing – and I agree 100% that it is a very special place. It would be my favorite too! Thanks for sharing it with us this week.

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