Pick a Word February 2022

Thursdays Special: Pick a Word – February 2022

Time to find some photos to match Paula’s words.

CONSERVEDOne of my favourite places, Raspberry Lookout in the Gibraltar National Park, conserved for everyone to enjoy

MEANDERINGThe road that leads to my place

SUBDUEDThe neighbours old shed among the trees next door to my besties place in the early morning

STRAIGHT A vineyard in Tasmania

SYSTEMATISEDI am sure the shop owner must have some sort of system

Did you think I did OK? Did you have a favourite?

37 thoughts on “Pick a Word February 2022

    1. Thanks Jo. It has been non-stop rain for days almost flooding around the lower reaches so lots of computer/photo time. The Raspberry Lookout is a wonderful place, you must come for morning tea up there one day. Hope your is a good weekend as well Jo πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


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