Always ready to help

Ragtag Daily Prompt Wednesday: Apprentice

Subtitle: Why I Can Never Seem to Get Things Done Easily with the Apprentices Around

Chopping firewood. “Looking from up here, I think it might be a little to your right.”

Working on the car. “Everything seems to be OK, what do you think?”

The worst apprentice is always finding a shady place to rest when there’s work to be done.

Digging in the garden. “There might be seeds here somewhere!”

“Come and have a look over here, I’m sure he’s put a new plant in here.”

“I’ve finished all my jobs, is the kettle on for a cup of tea?”

32 thoughts on “Always ready to help

  1. Cute hens Brian. With spring coming ours will have to find themselves curtailed behind their fence again, otherwise they do end up digging up just what you planted!!!

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