Life of a Leopard Lily

In February the Leopard Lillies are in full flower and add a spectacular splash of orange to the garden. The flowers don’t last all that long, less than a week, but the plants this year have been the best I have ever seen them. Actually they are not a lily but an Iris – Iris domestica

Let’s have a look at the life of a Leopard Lily flower

In the early morning as the sun rises, the flowers are still all tucked up after sleeping during the night

A bud and a flower about to unfurl

The buds slowly open in the morning

This one is just starting to open for the day

A selection of the flowers life cycle

The flowers just are so lovely don’t you think? There is always an insect hanging around

I love the markings that make a Leopard Lily

A flower has finally given us its splendor

The plants in full bloom

Hope you enjoyed the Life of a Leopard Lily. Added to Cee’s FOTD

33 thoughts on “Life of a Leopard Lily

  1. They really are lovely and I like the way they’re curled up initially. We had daylilies in Ohio and they were beautiful as well, only not as spectacular as these with their beautiful markings. One morning I looked out and deer had eaten off every single flower. 😦 Here were have a cacti that has absolutely stunning flowers but they already start fading at the end of the day. But oh, while they’re blooming they’re really something.

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