A writing challenge

Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge February 15
Today’s prompt: Write a poem that starts with bitten

Bitten not Bittern
a bite
not a bird
chew and munch
at lunch
a strange call
a Bittern a bird
was heard
an apple
for lunch
was bitten
a crunch
was heard
as was a Bittern
a picnic
was bitten

If you have not seen or heard a Bittern calling, have a listen

From 11debmiller https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEtvQ5l4Qiwk7foEIfNNG7g

25 thoughts on “A writing challenge

  1. Love the poem, Brian. What is odd is that I’ve lost the sound on my laptop! Now who can have stolen it? Need to fiddle with my settings. Fortunately I know what a Bittern sounds like.

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