Here’s a beat, get out of your seat

Sparky’s MLMM Music Challenge #1

I thought I’d join in with Sparky aka Melanie and find a song that fits the parameters
Choose and share a favorite song that you like which has a great beat.   Feel free to write something in relation to how the song makes you feel if you’d like.   Stories, poetry and prose, or stream of consciousness writing are all fine choices for that.

How else could you feel but want to get up and dance and just move your feet to George Thorogood and The Destroyers. This is the first song of his I heard and have been hooked ever since. So stop reading and boogie with me

25 thoughts on “Here’s a beat, get out of your seat

        1. Quick pack up and move down the street. It’ll take her a few hours to find you but you’ll come running at the sound of her wailing for you no doubt xx


  1. I saw George Thorogood at Shea’s Theatre in Buffalo in 1987 (or it might have been winter 88) but everyone on the balcony had to sit down because I guess it was shaking too much
    anyhow, you picked a good beat one here for sure –

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  2. A good one, beat and tune and challenge. I had a careful look at the host post but cannot find either your link in the Linky or comment or pingback. Are you sure that they have seen your post? It would be a grand shame not to. I’m tempted to join but it would be so hard to choose just one (also, blog so full already).

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