17 thoughts on “That’s odd #3

  1. ah the link didn’t work you’ve got a 2 at the end instead of a 3!! However I still found you and what a fantastic odd – that’s an unusual paint colour to come across abandoned.

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    1. I did try to do the change the date on your URL. Oh well looks like there’ll be a lot of mix ups as I will be away from my computer next week. Will link to the last one before I go xx


    1. I found that paint can near the river. Apparently there was a bit of paint dumping happening a few years ago. I had a few to try to find that was good music and settled on that one as it was a good one for your day. I may go back to my morning scheduling. What time did you see this one? x

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      1. I saw it after mine had gone live so around 6:05am GMT and was incredibly impressed thinking you were there waiting to link, and then thought oh he’s worked out the url before spotting the 2 at the end.

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