Hot Wax on Water

Judy’s poem challenge to me

Photo from Judy’s post What is it? Last on the Card: January 2022 which inspired the poetry challenge


From Judy “What should be a poem? Hot wax on water? I’ll write one if you will.”
and then “I may change it to Hot wax on Cold Water. But is it a challenge?”

My reply”I find it hard to actually compose a poem. Most of mine are spur of the moment words that dribble out. I’ll give it a go but has to be Hot Wax on Water title πŸ˜ƒ”

So here it is Judy

Bubbling pot
steam and brew
dish of water
just a spot.
Now look
swirls and stew
wax rising
being hot.
The shapes
colour and falter
it’s just
hot wax on water.

Over to you Judy, knowing your superior poetry skills will just crush mine

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