A golden future

Sunday Stills: The #Future is Ours

First up I must admit I have stolen this idea from Cee. I have been sorting my photos (yes still almost a year behind Becky!!) and found this sequence of Golden Lycra flowers from my garden.

Terri’s title made me think of this song. Many of you may not know Normie Rowe. He was a pop sensation in Australia in the 1960-70’s but you will know the song. Not a sugary sweet as the Doris Day version though.

Meanwhile while you are having a 60’s bop here is the future in flowers

From these Golden Lycra buds……

……to these flowers which appeared so quickly I didn’t get a chance to get any in between photos

Also for Cee’s FOTD

29 thoughts on “A golden future

    1. A few bulbs from the old bloke down the road years ago and I didn’t realise how many I have in gardens. A stunning show when they bloom πŸ™‚


      1. I’m always ashamed of my lost mojo and being sad about so much in our world being lost. I should not complain, I have nothing to complain about, Brian. And still I am not smiling. These last two years have changed me – I no longer recognize myself in the mirror either. I will have to shape up. β™₯

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        1. It has been difficult for many over the past two years. I too am in a good place but still the world events add a touch of sadness. The selfish side is the unable or unwilling to travel when I am at a time in life where I want to. I am lucky to live in relative isolation unscathed by the madness of cities, towns and people. Do take care Ann-Christine and yes, shape up and look on the sunny side of life πŸ€—β€


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