5 Minutes ago -8 January

Hammad’s Weekend Sky #51

It has been raining every day this year with over 120mls of rain so far. Everything is sodden and the humidity is making everything inside seem damp. The grass is growing out of control as are the weeds in the garden. Waiting for a no rain or even a sunny day to mow and get into the garden to weed. I have plants I received as presents to plant also.

30 thoughts on “5 Minutes ago -8 January

      1. wow. I did put on up when we move in in 2017, but it was destroyed during (what I like to call) the ‘Great Hail Storm of 2019’. Looking forward to putting up the new one – soon.

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  1. so much rain – it seems to be the way of the world now these weather extremes 😦 do hope you can get out with your plants soon. Planting is one of the best tasks in life I think

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    1. It has been dry for the past few days so I have been mowing – 6 hours yesterday – and weeding – a 20kg feed bag today. Hope to plant tomorrow before going to K’s as it is supposed to rain on the weekend


  2. Oh!
    This doesn’t sound good. We also received some moderate showers last week, which wasn’t a winter norm in my city.
    I hope you would see a bright sunny day. Thank you so much for sharing these with my challenge πŸ™‚

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