This is December 2021

December and 2021 are gone. It was a mixed bag of weather – rain and lots of it, quite hot days and even cooler nights. My garden and my besties looked fabulous. The rain made everything bloom and look so good. This made reducing the number of flower photos quite difficult.

A lot of birds have come and gone, the regulars stayed around as food is plentiful. Even a pair of Currawongs have been hanging around and have a young one. Most years they go back up into the mountains where it is a bit cooler and return in Winter. The Willie Wagtails at my besties have been busy with nesting and raising babies.

A few photos are from some trips around the area but most are from my besties and here at Durranbah.

Here is you scrolling song. I hope you enjoy Frightened Rabbit, one of my favourite groups

The old wagon up the road is still there and not quite falling apart yet

These tree fungi were the yellowist I have ever seen

Love this plant. The white edges really stand out

From my besties garden

A small native grass flower at my place

The re Frangipanni looked good with a few water drops.

I love the grass seeds along my road

Cats Whiskers must be one of my favourite flowers

A Dahlia and the sky

More native flowers along the road

My besties Brugmansia has flowered like mad this year

When we went for a walk in Casino, we found a Sausage Tree

We also found a New Zealand Christmas Bush in flower

The Bahinia has just flowered but not as good as last year

My Honeysuckle looked good among the trees along the fence line

The Blue-banded Bees love the Salvia flowers

I found Metallic Green Carpenter Bees in a shrub I had to look it up to find out what species of bee it was and found that it is endangered after the fires as their nest sites are either damaged or take years to become soft enough to burrow into and nest. They nest in Grass Tree spears and Banksia trees mainly. This one is a female. The males are fuzzy and look similar to Blue-banded Bees

Remember my Pineapple, It’s still growing and will soon be ready to harvest

The Cheese Tree fruit weren’t as abundant as last year as well

I love the purple berries of Dianella (Flax Lily) grasses. Just to photograph as I haven’t tried them but are supposed to be edible

The Olive-backed Oriels arrived in time to sample the Tuckaroo fruit

It is always a decision

The Figbird hid among the foliage snacking on the fruit as well

When I went to the Clarence River near my place to see if the water had receded below the Lilydale bridge, I found Rainbow Bee-eaters enjoying the sun.

As well as a White-faced Heron looking for his breakfast

An Australasian Pipit found something to eat on the road as I went back home

A young morphing King Parrot watched me through the window

The Rainbow Lorikeets seemed to find a snack or two in the garden

A Laughing Kookaburra had breakfast too

The Willie Wagtail babies wanted their lunch. Dad was none to impressed with their carry on

This is the same Willie Wagtail babies a week later. Don’t they grow up fast?

A Satin Bowerbird was not impressed to be spied upon whilst having a bath

but still dived in and splashed about

Well it looks like a wonderful pink sky is telling me to say goodnight

and a wonderful sunset has painted the sky with streaks of red, yellow and orange

Our Moon has risen so I better say goodnight and thanks for stopping by

As usual I always ask if you had a favourite photo.

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32 thoughts on “This is December 2021

      1. Wow wonderful gallery. I see the Metallic Green Carpenter bee is among them. Your Willy wagtails are quite different to ours though ours are black and and white too.

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        1. Thanks Karina 🙂 I do like the differences in the birds with same names around the world. There are so many different Magpies for instance. Happy you had time to have a look around 🙂 🙂

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  1. What a fab collection, Brian. I wanted to say I like the blue banded bee best but that was before I saw your birds. They are gorgeous. We went to a zoo on Sunday and they had an Australian walk-in aviary. It’s a smallish zoo so nothing too grand but it was an amazing feeling to stand in the middle of a swarm of budgies and zebra finches and multi-coloured cockasomethings. You are really lucky to live with them so close.

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    1. Thanks Elke 🙂 A walk through Aviary with a flock of Budgies would be noisy as they zoom about. I am impressed with your knowledge of Australian bird names 😂 Quite lucky indeed 😊

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  2. Choose a favourite? On what criteria? Technique? Creativity? Colour? Not fair to even ask us, but I will say that I loved the purple berries of the Dianella just because of that pop of gorgeous purple, and the Metallic Green Carpenter Bee because I’d never before seen or heard of this one. A great selection for us to enjoy, thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Tracy 🙂 It is always difficult to have my Changing Seasons post done with Last on the Card and most time the end of month coincides with my Ragtag as well.
      Glad you had some favourites and yes I was quite surprised as well 🙂 🙂
      I whole hardheartedly agree with your rant post too. Australia is a shit show at present

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  3. Lovely lovely …
    Those Willie Wagtail babies are so adorable – you caught them perfectly in their frenetic crying. My favourite image has to be the palm leaves against the pink sky … so very atmospheric!

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