Sugary colours

Life in Colour December: Kaleidoscope

A while ago I went to a virtual afternoon tea with the lovely Su from New Zealand and others. I promised that I was going to bring Fairy Bread; a lot of people didn’t know what Fairy Bread was but it is a kaleidoscope of colour. Have you heard of Fairy Bread?

Fresh yummy bread, my home made is the best, spread butter and sprinkle Hundreds and Thousands for an extreme sugar hit. A big attraction at kids parties.

A riot of colour

28 thoughts on “Sugary colours

  1. What we call hundreds and thousands here. I have never thought of sprinkling them on bread. I used to sprinkle them on birthday buns (which seem to have evolved into cupcakes with far too much butter icing) when my kids were young. And also on the Christmas trifle!

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  2. I reckon it would be too sweet for me but I’ll have it when next I have kids around. I will have to ignore their Mum’s objections, or maybe I won’t tell them in advance – it looks great and they’d love it!

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    1. Never tell adults that you are about to give the kids a bit of wonderful magic. Yes kids will find it irresistible. When I was a kid white bread was the best, none of this wholemeal or brown bread, needs the full treatment πŸ˜‚


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