It’s a party

Lens-Artists Challenge #177: Celebrating

Let’s get the celebrations started

Grab your sunnies

Make sure the decorations are up

What’s a celebration without bubbles

Everyone is here and are already having a good time

OK time to light the cake

Looks like the celebration is almost over

Look, there’s the fireworks so must be almost time to go home

There will always be a few leftovers in the morning

and a bit of deflation

Look like this bloke missed out again

33 thoughts on “It’s a party

    1. Gosh this is same comment number three but the last two didn’t have the bubbly bottle. I hope everything is OK but lots of bubbles can never go astray 🍾🍾


  1. Lights, bubble, cake, colors,… what a way to celebrate, Brian! I love yourr sense of humor. πŸ™‚
    So glad you join in. I apologize for being late here.

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