A Winters Day…..in a deep and dark

The Weekly Prompts Weekend Colour Challenge: Winters Day

A Winters day and this song just started in my head

Onto having a look at my Winters Day

So out of bed the suns coming up

There’s a bit of fog in the gullies

But it’s a nice day at the beach

The birds are heading off to roost

The suns setting…..c’mon we better be going then

All the photos were taken in Winter in the Northern Rivers Region of New South Wales Australia – where I live.

32 thoughts on “A Winters Day…..in a deep and dark

  1. Very pretty, Brian. I think I might have told you but years ago (eons ago!), I had a penpal from West Ryde, New South Wales. We wrote for a few years, and then lost touch. I thought it was so exotic that when she graduated from one school year, the class trip was to Fiji! I still have a scrapbook she put together for me.

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  2. I agree with Jez – You do indeed live in a wonderful part of the world.
    What a coincidence, I was listening to this same track just before bed last night. πŸ™‚

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