Looking for ruby wine

The Sunday Stills Monthly Colour Photo Challenge: Ruby #Wine

Let’s see what I can find? I did think of a song to scroll to though

Fungi, flowers, glassware, an Assassin Bug, a car, succulents, a sunset and time for dinner.

48 thoughts on “Looking for ruby wine

      1. My friend is in wine trade, so would have been expensive if she hadn’t got trade discount!!

        I blame her dad actually for the incident. He was shouting at me!! We were in the middle of a highly competitive game, he was my game partner. I’d gone to take a sip of the wine, and he shouted we had no time for pauses. So I panicked and the rest is history 🀣

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      2. oh have you not played it? You need a dice, pen and paper. The aim is to be the first couple to have drawn a beetle, and each section of the beetle is determined by the roll of the die. You cannot start until you have thrown a six, and that enables you to draw the body.
        5 body
        4 the tail
        3 a leg (note 1 at a time!)
        2 a feeler
        1 an eye
        Such a daft game but fabulous when there are a few of you, and when you have 12 or more the losing couples have to change tables.

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  1. Great post from start to finish! You captured the color exactly in my mind. (even though my pictures were more on the red side.) What’s the story behind the blue car with the red wheels? That is one of a kind, I’m sure. πŸ™‚ I love the collection of wine goblets and the vase, the assassin bug, and the dahlia (is that right?).

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