I see things that fly

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Anything That Flies

I hope you enjoy sliding in and sliding out……

24 thoughts on “I see things that fly

    1. No Jo. That is how they look, very large black butterflies who move very quick for their size. Largest butterfly – as big as your hand probably
      They just have colour on the tips


      1. There some good things about the blocks but I wish the text element would behave more like word processor. I ought to try the image compare there’s nothing I enjoy more than doing something different

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  1. Love the slider. Creative use of it in the last photo, switching from close up and long shot. But the butterfly really suffers from having the colour taken away. I’m glad you showed both versions.

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    1. Thanks Elke. Being mainly black and changing from colour to B&W doesn’t do anything on the butterfly at all. Glad the last slider worked. I thought why no do something different 🙂

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