It looks bad but I was OK

Photo a Week Challenge: Injuries

It is hard to imagine that this happened three years ago. First off I must say that I was alright, not in any pain and there wasn’t any blood running down my leg.

I was helping my bestie clearing away a dreadful weed at here old place. It was a thicket of Rain Tree, a very pretty flowering tree but a terrible pest when the seeds float off into the surrounding gardens and bush. I was working my way through a thicket with my chainsaw and was about to start on another section. I was stepping over some of the fallen shrubs and thought I had scratched my leg, just above my knee, on a branch. Looking down I knew it was a bit more serious than a scratch.

Apparently although I had stopped cutting the chain was still slowing down. I lifted my leg and it happened. I switched off the saw and said to my bestie that I had cut my leg. It looked bad but only just cut the skin and it wasn’t a deep cut. I reckon there wasn’t any blood because the chain and cutting bar on the chainsaw were hot and possibly cauterised the cut.

Enough of the explanation. The first photo I took with my phone while I was waiting for my bestie to change from her work clothes and take me to the hospital.

At the hospital they put in a few stitches and taped me up. I also had to have a tetanus booster shot.

This was a while after the stitches came out.

The best part of this incident was when I went to my doctors surgery to get the stitches taken out, the Nurse wasn’t sure and called a Doctor in to do an assessment. That Doctor is now my doctor as he is so good. Probably the best doctor I have ever had.

39 thoughts on “It looks bad but I was OK

  1. That is awesome that this led to you finding a good doctor – they are rare and gems! We had a nurse practitioner lady who was a top one for us / but she retired a few years ago – even though we met her when she was working in retirement – ha
    And yikes! Glad the slice did not cut muscle or tendons –

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  2. All I can say is I’m glad I wasn’t having breakfast when I saw this! I’m happy the cut wasn’t any worse. Chain saws are dangerous tools. I haven’t done anything like you did, but I can hardly do any project without cutting myself, usually without noticing until I see the trail of blood.

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    1. It did heal quite well thanks. Gosh Leech stories. There would be a few of those. I prefer to not know they are there, engorge themselves and drop off rather than have to try and remove them.


    1. It is quite well healed and I had no pain at all. I am always careful with chainsaws just this one slight lack of attention. My first and last chainsaw major injury.

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