27 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday 3 November

    1. Yes, Jacaranda. The photo in my City, Grafton Australia. Every year there is a Jacaranda festival as the town is full of Jacaranda trees. You’ll have to pop over at this time of year and see many purple streets

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      1. That is wonderful to hear, my city’s other name is Jacaranda city, although Johannesburg have much more Jacarandas than we do. When I was at university, we believed that a blossom have to fall on your head so that you can pass. It never fell on mine, but I did pass. The town is covered in purple this time of the year. And I did have my own Jakaranda in my own garden – grown from a sead as we were not allowed to buy the plants from the nurseries – the new governemnt tried to kill all Jakarandas. And failed to do so as most of their projects fail due to lack of management skills. So, we still have Jakarandas, many of them.

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      2. Grafton too is known as the Jacaranda City. There was a push a few years ago to not have the trees planted in the streets as they were exotic and spread into the surrounding countryside. Our Jacaranda Festival is one of the oldest Floral Festivals. What does it mean when your car is covered in blossoms after parking under a Jacaranda tree?

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