Macro Monday 1 November

Everyone knows that everything in Australia will bite, sting, eat, trample, inject all sorts of chemicals – hepatotoxins, neurotoxins and hematotoxicity that can maim, make you giddy, cause unpleasant reactions (no detail here I am sure you know what I mean) and do lots of other stuff……maybe trample was an exaggeration.

The perpetrators can be as big… well as big as a crocodile or water buffalo, move as swiftly as a striking snake or be like this bloke.

Here I was, doing a spot of gardening when along he came, a Horse Fly, recognisable by the low pitched laconic drone. A few wary circles, like an aeroplane before landing. My name for them is B52’s. They are big, don’t fly around like they are in a rush and can be sneaky. He tried to land on my body and legs but after a few polite “oh do go away you pesky thing” he zoned in on my boot. He then commenced to gradually stroll up my boot towards an unprotected part of me so he could drill – oh yes drill – that long proboscis into my flesh and sneak off with a bit of blood. They will drill through light material.

This bloke is about 25 to 30mms or just over an inch

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