Trick or Treat – The final Past Square – a Halloween Square

Becky’s Square Photo Challenge: Past Squares

we don’t do Halloween as much as the rest of the world, but the merchandise managers of big stores have realised the profits that they were missing out on in Australia so the push for plastic crap is now filling stores. A good Queensland Blue Pumpkin doesn’t work so some enterprising farmers will put over some land to grow orange pumpkins in the future no doubt.

So how come I have a Halloween Square you ask? Well it’s not really Halloweenish but it was a feature of # SpikySquares which I thought fitted in ok

29 thoughts on “Trick or Treat – The final Past Square – a Halloween Square

  1. Oh dear, he’s rather nasty looking isn’t he Brian?! we don’t get any trick-or-treaters here on Kiawah but in the nearby towns Halloween decorations are really over the top! I do remember trick-or-treating as a kid and it was really fun. Every child in the town was out and about and every home had buckets of candy. that was followed by trading favorites with my brothers and finally to my mother hiding enough of the stuff that we didn’t all get sick. Rather an odd holiday, hoping it does NOT take off in your world!

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    1. That fellow was in the front driveway of a house and has been for years. Unfortunately it’s catching on due to retailers and commercialisation of something that has no relevance to Australian 😠


  2. It’s appalling that this tacky version of Halloween has spread to Australia too. Bad enough that it arrived here! And you are right about the plastic tack, not to mention the huge amount of $ spent in the US on candy and costumes! I really wish people would turn their backs on all this unnecessary consumerism, but sadly I fear I’m just out of touch – even my young Aussie grandsons are dressed up today! Though I seriously don’t think they will be trick or treating, at least I hope not.

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