Always take the weather with you

The Friendly Friday Challenge: Weather

I was trying to think of what to post but my head kept singing this song… what should I do but just send a bit of weather in song for you to enjoy from an Australian/New Zealand band

Here at the moment there has been a bit of wild weather and huge thunder storms.

Here is a storm at my place in 2015 from my YouTube Channel

16 thoughts on “Always take the weather with you

  1. The video crashes everytime around 0:15 😒 I will try again tomorrow.
    Anyway, thanks for the ear worm (that’s what Germans call a song which you keep singing in your head over and over again and doesn’t go away).

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      1. Indeed (I checked). I’m always worried about using false friends. And when I make a deliberate pun people think I mixed something up (on a memorable occasion I introduced my STUNNING stage design for Goethe’s Faust as a “revolting stage” – my professors just corrected me and didn’t bat an eyelid).

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