The forgotten flower

Life in Colour October: Orange

I made comment on Jude’s post where she asked “Do you have any Orange Flowers?” I replied that I think I have posted all of my Orange Flowers. Then I wondered if I had an Orange Trumpet in a post.

So here is the Orange Trumpet Flower as promised Jude. This one grows over my potting shed.

A morning profile

Front on. The doorway to the potting shed in the background

Tiny Native Stingless Bees getting a snack

oh yes I also forgot the Lions Tails. These ones come with a bonus orange bee

20 thoughts on “The forgotten flower

  1. Oh, glad you found the Orange Trumpet – what a beauty! And the way it drapes itself over your potting shed too. The Lion’s tails (Leonotis leonurus) I do know, they are from S Africa, and also known as wild dagga! The leaves and flowers can be brewed as a tea for medicinal uses and the plant is now a popular smoking alternative to tobacco or cannabis, giving a mild euphoric and uplifting effect. Well, I never knew that! πŸ€ͺ

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