Why I am here

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I wrote this in March 2012, one of my first posts

It is a question that gets asked a bit…..why do I live so far from town?

So far from town is about 35 kms and takes me around 20 – 25 minutes…..so I wonder what they say to people who live further than that from town!!!

My place is in there somewhere….

The silence of the bush is great, which can be broken by the occasional doff doff from the kids across the way or racing up and down the road on their motorbikes.

I love the animals and birds that hang around the garden


Red necked wallabies love the grass around the house and I think they feel safe

A variety of honeyeaters hang around from time to time…scarlet honeyeaters are always around somewhere.

The numbers of birds are on the rise and there are the occasional ones who tend to piss me off. At the moment the Australian Ravens have taken to eating the chooks eggs. When the winter cold starts to bite in the mountains, the Currawongs come down to here and they just hang around the chook house eating food out of the hopper. Also the Satin Bower Birds arrive as well but for the first time this year, they have stayed. So a few Bower Birds also hang around the chook yard. I have a new rooster, after a few months without a bloke around to look out for the chooks, so I think he may sort out the Ravens.


The Ravens just wander about

I guess my biggest challenge is the weeds. Luckily they aren’t too bad to control. Lantana is easy to knock down but it is in many of the gullies and Fireweed is along the power line clearings. There is a bit of Parramatta Grass and Cotton weed in patches. I found a small patch of Balloon Vine yesterday and will have to remove that as it is flowering.


One of my favourite spots. This waterhole has never dried even in the north coast drought of 2000 – 2002

I love living in the bush maybe that’s why I am bushboy

14 thoughts on “Why I am here

    1. Thank you Paula.
      It is a lovely part of the world indeed. I love nature and the natural world and to have it on your doorstep is certainly a privilege. Thanks for having a look around x

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  1. Yes indeed this is why you are Bush Boy!
    And we have friends that live more than an hour from the city and they never mind driving – and so 25 to 30 minutes seems like a short drive to get to the bush paradise

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  2. I understand completely why you live there. Even though my decision is the opposite. If I had the money I would live in Frankfurt (a large city by German standards) but we cannot afford to live in a decent place there. So we compromised, live in a smaller town. For me it was important to be able to live without having to rely on a car. We’re not getting any younger and that was a big consideration.

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    1. I don’t think I could live in a big city any more. I reckon a small town would be preferable. Houses I lived/rented in when in Sydney would be worth $millions now-a-days. I have to rely on a car so when I am unable to drive any more I don’t know what I will do 🙂

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