What do you think?

I took this photo late in the afternoon yesterday. Going through the photos and doing a cull, this one came along. I was about to delete but something said no, don’t. I do like it but there is so much wrong about it. Therefor I am asking – would you have deleted the photo?

An orange vessel from the past

Becky’s Photo Challenge: Past Squares
Ragtag Daily Prompt Thursday: Vessel
Life in Colour October: Orange

I am getting so lucky with photo challenges lining up for me, although it’s a bit of a stretch for Jude’s Orange challenge where she asked “Where have you seen orange?”
It is a Past Square from #SquareTime and it is from the distant past. A wonderful vessel at Pompeii which held the families food. A bit big for my pantry though.

If the vessel isn’t orange enough, maybe the columns from down the road a bit are?