Misty squares quiet places

Becky’s Square Photo Challenge: Past Squares
The Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge: Quiet Places
The Ragtag Daily Prompt Wednesday: Mist

I love a
misty morning
everything’s still
a hush broken
a hush broken
nothing’s still
misty morning
I love

A close up of the tree in the middle of the above photo

Heading up the Gibraltar Range from my place to the Raspberry Lookout

Getting to my quiet place to sit for a bit while…….

…….the mist sits in the valleys

Or just be at my place in my other quiet places

45 thoughts on “Misty squares quiet places

    1. Not quite. Mornings and afternoons can be a cacophony Middle of the day is more slight people noises, machinery/tractors/mowers and cars on the highway and the nieghbours on the road. Now the frogs are very loud all around, in the dams but I also have tree frogs and burrowing frogs who are claiming their partner 🙂

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    1. Thanks Lisa. When I used them in a post I did think of Bare Trees but it was the LP’s name and not a song was recorded called Bare Trees 🙂 🙂


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