Re-living the past #11 – My first rain photo

Debbie’s One Word Sunday: Rain

So many rain songs to choose from but here is one from an Aussie and the title – Raining on Sunday

Another post of looking back at first photos tagged Rain. As I expected the first one in 2012 wasn’t just rain, it was a Rainbow Lorikeet in my garden. So did look further on and it did take a bit of scrolling to find a photo that wasn’t a Rainbow Lorikeet.

From 2015 the rain had gone and left a couple of rainbows but still no actual rain photo. A photo from my desk where I used to work

An actual rain photo didn’t happen until 2017. This one is from an apartment in Sydney with a fabulous view.

17 thoughts on “Re-living the past #11 – My first rain photo

  1. The Lorikeet certainly brightens a rain photo. And I enjoyed your rainy view. And was jealous of the view from your old office – even without a rainbow that’s a great view to have

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  2. A blast to the past: I love it! and what fun spins on “Rain”.
    Thank you for the song – it is new to me and extremely appropriate for your series of photos.

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