And we’re off

It’s time for another month of Becky’s Square Photo Challenge. This month is a bit easier as it is all about Past Squares

Here are the requirements from our Becky.

“Remember you don’t have to share square daily; your squares can appear once a week or just once. It is totally up to you. As is the content of your squares. Here’s a reminder of what your October Square(s) could cover;

  • Re-post a previous square post which at the time didn’t get the attention it deserved
  • Share one or more leftover squares from a previous theme that you loved
  • Share a new photograph that would have been perfect for a previous theme
  • Or if you have not been squaring for very long why not pick a theme you missed and share thirty one squares of that theme
  • Alternatively have fun with the word ‘past’ by sharing squares of history and heritage, and that includes past holidays!

The tag is PastSquares but the only thing you need to remember is that in October your images must be square – that’s four equal sides!”

I almost forgot my song for the challenge as I always enjoy doing. Hope you enjoy this song

I was unsure what to start with. Maybe my first Square photo in a square challenge?

Or should I start with a bright square bang?

Enjoy a month of past squares, I know I will

40 thoughts on “And we’re off

  1. Yesterday, we went out and because I was shooting in brackets, it came out as 500 pictures. I had to do a LOT of deleting just to get down to an amount. The first pair of pictures were taken by my son — one is the original and the other is the same picture heavily cropped to try to get some details on the Red-Shoulder Hawk. Up in the morning!

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  2. Nice start Brian. Ive sort of given up on fireworks photos because I never seem to have much look with them. Maybe I should try again. Goodness knows, they do like fireworks here!

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  3. A perfect way to start the month, Brian. Flowers is the one theme I missed in the four year history of the challenge.
    And perfect music – though I’m having to listen very quietly as I can imagine it waking everyone in neighbouring rooms here in Sicily.

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