12 thoughts on “A few flowers for the end of the month

  1. I’ve just found your site while searching for nests of the Eastern Spinebill. We live in Emerald, Vic and are very lucky to have a huge variety of native birds on our 10-hectare horse property, with approx 2 1/2 hectares of bush. We especially love our Eagles, Kookaburras, Honey Eaters, Fairy Wrens, …. Far too many to list, along with the native critters, Echnidas, Blue Tongue Lizards, Wombats, Kangaroos, Wallabies etc.

    I’m also a keen photographer and gardener, so am loving your photos. Sally

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    1. Your place sounds fabulous. I have so many things around my place, which is mainly bush. My place is in the foothills of the Gibraltar Range in the Northern Rivers of NSW,
      It’s funny how you find blogs. I didn’t think I have any Spinebill nests?
      Photographer, gardener and native wildlife lover sounds like a female me 😂😂


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