You don’t want to look at this post

The Ragtag Daily Prompt Thursday: Nightmare

OK You had to open this post didn’t you?

You have been warned.

Notice the word prompt?


and of course it is YOUR NIGHTMARE

not mine

I think she is lovely

even though you can’t see all of her

Thanks to the brave souls who just love nature

Here she is

You wonder how she can scrunch up and fit into small space

40 thoughts on “You don’t want to look at this post

  1. Mmm… I’m not so keen on big spiders (well, not so keen on any really, but I can cope with the smaller ones). This reminds me of my first visit to Oz. Staying in my son’s flat with my daughter and her boyfriend who had to sleep on the floor (it was a small flat). She spotted a huntsman in the room (she is terrified of all spiders) and decided there was no way she could sleep on the floor with that in the room. In the end my son pretended that he’d found it and taken it outside! Truthfully it ran under a cupboard.

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