Photo Challenge – week 2

Aletta from nowathome nominated me for this weekly photo challenge

Feel free to join in this photo challenge (everyone is welcome). Show your best photos, but let’s make this tricky to guess where the photos are taken.

If you participate in this photo challenge, this is what you need to do:

  • Post one of your favourite photos each week for four weeks. It is a monthly challenge but as I started in the middle of the month, four weeks is what I am doing.
  • The photo can be from any time and anywhere, so start sifting through those old memories and photo albums.
  • Post the photo without any explanation and ask your readers where they think the photo was taken for a little guessing fun.
  • Nominate someone each Sunday. You can post wherever you wish although please link to me, so that I know you have accepted the #photochallenge. Today I am nominating Donna from Wind Kisses who has some of the most stunning US hiking scenery photos.

27 thoughts on “Photo Challenge – week 2

    1. That’s OK. You can do if you want. I just thought of you as I have been seeing lots of great photos of a landscape that is so alien to me. I live in a forest and most of the time it is greens everywhere except for the occasional explosion of colour when the flowers are out.
      I am just doing one a week for four weeks. No biggie if I remember lol

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