A bit of Austria

Debbie’s Photo Challenge: Countries ending and starting with A

This was a no brainer for me but I’ve posted so much Australia you must be over Australia photos by now. On my very first European tour by bus, the tour ended in Vienna. I had a few days until my flight so I wander about. Here’s a selection of Austria.

My first view of Austria from the bus

I had to go to the Schonbrunn Palace

The view across the grounds

The main reason was the gardens – spectacular

Of course there were doors to be seen

I was lucky to be there for the Harvest Festival

Of course there had to be tractors

Of course I couldn’t go any where in the world without finding a bit of nature especially birds, I found a Hooded Crow

and this is a White Swan getting a bit of lunch

25 thoughts on “A bit of Austria

      1. I’ve had a few sheds too, though my best effort would have been a rotating studio that was entered from below, inspired by George Bernard Shaw’s writing hut. Sadly, I never got to the project so it remains a folly in my mind only!

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  1. A fantastic tour of Vienna. and great photos. And a trip is extra special if you can catch a local event.
    Austria is on the UK green list for travel at the moment (unless that changes later today!) so a return visit is rather tempting.

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    1. Always changing except here. Another two weeks of lock down, even though we are in a large covid free bubble. At the moment I am glad to go to the shops πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


  2. I loved guys in the tractor. You know that was great fun for them. I love Austria. If I didn’t have family or obligations (lol) I would live there.

    But, no, I never get sick of your Australia. Covid thwarted our planned vacation there. We will return when the time is right.

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