The sunrise and the palms

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Here Comes the Sun

As you know I like to include a song with some of my posts. Cee has set us up with the obvious Beatles song which she has included in her post, so no use me repeating the wonderful George Harrison song (one of my all time favourites) If you are not sure which song I refer to you better got over to Cee’s post to find out.

I have picked this song because I love Neil Young as well. One his short but sweet songs with a great arrangement

16 thoughts on “The sunrise and the palms

  1. Well done with the pairing of a “until the morning comes” song and palms with the feeling of the morning coming
    So the first thing for me was quickly playing the song (didn’t read anything at first so Neil young was a pleasant surprise ) and then reading why you chose this jam – and it was new to me so thanks – I also enjoyed the way Cee did her Beatles lyrical stroll
    ((Oh and glad you mentioned that not everyone will instantly know that song because even as huge as the Beatles were I encounter many that need to learn about them – ha)

    Such a short ditty with classic Young smoothness came my way at the crack of dawn and…
    Wonder what the songwriter was giving them until to dawn to get done

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    1. Thanks Yvette. I know a lot of Americans are a bit on The Beatles naive side which does surprise me. I have every one of their LP/CD’s plus a lot of their works as solo artists.
      I love Niel Young and have ,most of his releases too.
      I think he was just waiting until the morning comes……

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  2. Wonderful images. The sunrise in the final photo, with the misty air giving such depth to the scene is magical – as though being viewed by a net curtain that is gradually clearing, as the day wakes… Pensive, silent, and very beautiful πŸ™‚

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