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    1. The European trains do get you around rather quickly. So glad I could introduce to a new song and group Michael. They are quite good 🙂


  1. I like the trains and the music. I used to go back and forth to France on ferries and the like and one time I took the Eurostar and TGVs – so quick and comfortable and easy. A great way to travel.

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  2. ThAt last train look like a torpedo and shows how far trains have come
    The song was a good jam! What I found interesting was the filming. Wanted to see more of the guitar player’s overall look and it was almost only his guitar – in contrast . It was mostly the singer’s face and not much of his guitar ??
    Maybe I noticed it more because last Month I shared the Lynyrd Skynyrd freebird live performance and some of us were chatting about the way they filmed musicians – the pianist never had the chance to see Much of the keys and stuff like that . Anyhow . The Ride on a Train recording reminded me of that

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      1. I think we all enjoy seeing the fingers and instrument – which is why the Freevued piano player was too much of his face – it should ha e been more of the video on the piano keys!
        So I agree but would like a little bit of the player – and then maybe even the singer here could have panned to his playing instead of was so much of his face (still good tho) but they only showed his gutsy rating the end (I Think)
        Anyhow – hope you are having a ice month if August BB

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