Even birds get hot

The Ragtag Daily Prompt Friday: Sweltering

A Spangled Drongo feeling the heat

Tiny, the King Parrot, on the verandah getting out of the sun trying to keep cool

A questioning look to ask if there is any bowls of cool water on the verandah

15 thoughts on “Even birds get hot

    1. Spangled Drongos are quite intelligent. Not sure how that derogatory name came about. Tiny isn’t a pet. He just seems to like hanging out around the house perhaps as he is smaller that other King Parrots they may pick on him. He does have a partner though and she comes with him to sit on the verandah regularly.

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      1. Ha! Figures he’s intelligent with that name. He looks a bit like a crow we have. If he is in the order corvus that explains his brain power they’re so smart they watch fisherman hooking maggots and catching fish and learn to do the same with lures of their own.

        How nice to have such a spectacular bird like Tiny hanging around. Your a lucky person living in an area full of majestic birds.

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